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There is hardly a single sector which needs to be as flexible at the automobi但其中起主要作用的是成形收缩le industry, because t字典纸he number of automobile models is constantly increasing, at the same time as the batch sizes are falling. In addition, there are new types of vehicles such as hybrid and electric cars whose manufacture is only possible after a complete conversion of traditional production technology has taken place. In order to ensure problem-free operation of the installations, enclosures from ROSE Systemtechnik take care of the reliable protection of control systems, panel and industrial PCs.

One good example is tFe-Cr-C系高铬铸铁型堆焊焊丝被广泛的利用在冶金、矿山和建材等1些耐磨损的装备和产品中;其堆焊材料的耐磨粒磨损机制主要是利用Fe-Cr-C系过共晶组织中硬度很高的初生碳化物作为硬质相和耐磨相hat of the assembly line of one automobile manufacturer who used ROSE Systemtechnik s Commander SL3000 control enclosures, which were adapted to match the individual dimensions and connections of the industrial PCs. However, the Commander is not only suitable for use in automated workstations, but also in manual ones. On the front side, the sturdy enclosure has an opening which makes it easy to service the electronics. Jochen Lindemann, Key Account 数控机床Manager Automotive at ROSE Systemtechnik, says: Efficient organisation of the assembly lines is vital for the success of the automotive groups. This means that panel PCs use索尼的涉足今后还可能增进电极材料和周边零部件等的研究开发d for assembly work must be fitted in control enclosures to ensure that they are protected in the best possible way against the conditions and situations found in a harsh industrial environment.

Flexible PC mounting for ergonomic work

Numerous automobile manufacturers make use of compact industrial PCs at manual workstations, and these PCs i经过两个月的深入细致分析研判nform the worker of the work steps which are to be carried out next. The components used for suspension include those in ROSE s GTK electronic system, for example inclination adapters, joints and couplings, aluminium profiles and angle pieces. The enclosure specialist s加热条 suspension systems to support compact PCs are very flexible, and in this way they ensure ergonomic mounting of the operating and information panel. This ensures that the operators can work for a long period of time without tiring and endange固定座ring their health.

As one of the few companies in this sector, ROSE Systemtechnik has a comprehensive manufacturing department with a wide range of processing and refining techniques, in addition to mounting and test facilities. This means that the enclosure specialist is able to supply quickly and reliably tailor-made and individually-assembled enclosure systems which meet the customer s specifications. What s more, ROSE Systemtechnik is listed by well-known automobile manufacturers.